Re: Generating Java Bytecode (Tor H. Ringstad)
19 Nov 1996 00:18:09 -0500

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From: (Tor H. Ringstad)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Nov 1996 00:18:09 -0500
Organization: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
References: 96-11-108
Keywords: Java, UNCOL writes:

> Does anyone have an opinion on generating bytecode for languages other
> than java ?
> I can't see any reason why in principle a C or C++ compiler couldnt be
> developed that produces bytecode, this way we could all write in our
> favourite language yet still get all the powerful benefits of Java.

If you take C++ and remove the explicit handling of memory (including
pointers), then you are pretty close to Java. Those 'features' can't be
implemented on the JVM (at least not in any close-to-usable way).

In the more general case, I'd say that pretty much any language should be
possible to compile, but the interesting question is if it is possible to
generate _effective_ code. The Java language and the JVM is rather closely

I am currently working on a diploma thesis (together with Kjetil Valstadsve)
which aims to look into certain aspects of the question of JVM as a suitable
target for compiled Scheme.

There also is another Scheme interpreter/compiler (by Per Bothner) called
Kawa that does a decent job.

- Tor Ringstad -

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