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Mon, 27 Jan 92 12:26:25 +0100

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Willem Jan Withagen)
Keywords: parse, tools
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 92-01-095
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 92 12:26:25 +0100

In article 92-01-095, (Eric Dujardin) writes:
>[how about listing some newer parsing tools]

Well the advantage of the GMD toolset is, IMHO, that it does lots and lots
of other things needed to generate a working compiler. It also requires a
lot more study before one really get it to do real work, but much less
than haveing to do all steps from scratch. It is certainly much more than
just a scanner/parser generator.

We've now 'bought' the BEG ( Back End Generator ) which makes the toolset
complete. I've just finished reading the manual and again I must admit
that it's a very nifty set of tools. Too bad you need to pay for the last
part, but it's worth every penny of the 500 DM (for edu purposes).

You can obtain the tools (except BEG stuff) at[]
          in /pub/src/gmd_compiler_toolbox/*

Willem Jan Withagen
Eindhoven University of Technology DomainName:
Digital Systems Group, Room EH 10.10
P.O. 513 Tel: +31-40-473401
5600 MB Eindhoven The Netherlands
[GMD is further described in message 91-07-045. -John]

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