GMD toolbox via ftp

Josef Grosch <>
Fri, 19 Jul 91 11:11:36 +0200

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GMD toolbox via ftp (Josef Grosch) (1991-07-19)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Josef Grosch <>
Keywords: tools
Organization: GMD Forschungsstelle Karlsruhe
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 91 11:11:36 +0200

The GMD toolbox for compiler construction is finally available
via ftp. For details see below. I hope a file server in Germany
works fine for people from outside of Europe.

Josef Grosch

TOOLBOX(1) GMD-Forschungsstelle-Karlsruhe TOOLBOX(1)

          toolbox - tool box for compiler construction

          Toolbox is a set of program generators or compiler
          construction tools for nearly all phases of a compiler. The
          compiler construction tools support the automatic generation
          of compilers for imperative programming languages. The
          design goals for this tool box were practical usability,
          significantly reduced construction effort for compilers, and
          high quality of the generated compilers. Especially with
          respect to efficiency the tools are competitive to
          programming by hand. Currently the tools can generate
          compiler modules in the target languages C and Modula-2.
          First realistic applications demonstrate the excellent
          performance of the tools and show that the tools allow the
          construction of production quality compilers.

          Rex generator for lexical analyzers
          Lalr LALR(1) parser generator
          Ell LL(1) parser generator
          Ast generator for abstract syntax trees
          Ag generator for attribute evaluators
          Estra transformation of abstract syntax trees
          Beg generator for code generators
          Reuse library of reusable modules

          Modula-2 or C

          Modula-2 or C

          DEC Station / ULTRIX
          VAX / ULTRIX or BSD UNIX 4.2
          SUN 3 or SUN 4 / SunOS
          PCS Cadmus / MUNIX

          directory: /soft/unixtools/compilerbau

          Medium: DC 300 A data cartridge, TK 50, or Exabyte in tar format

          source programs in Modula-2 as well as in C
          binaries for SUN 3
          documentation in troff- und Postscript-format
          example specifications

          J. Grosch, H. Emmelmann
          GMD Forschungsstelle an der Universitaet Karlsruhe
          Vincenz-Priesznitz-Str. 1
          D-7500 Karlsruhe
          Tel: +721-6622-26/15
          E-Mail: grosch@gmdka.uucp,

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