Pascal P-Code, Modula M-Code (Mary Elizabeth Rudis)
Sun, 22 Sep 91 17:51:55 EST

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Mary Elizabeth Rudis)
Keywords: Pascal, Modula
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 91 17:51:55 EST

Howdy all,

Does anyone have/know where I can get/want to write for me *:^>
the original Pascal P-Code specification, or Modula M-Code
specification. I'd preferably like an FTP site, but I'll take anything
at this point. Also, can anyone point me to a location where I can
get the Pascal system that ran as an OpSys for the IBM PC (I read that
the P-Code system was written as an operating system for the IBM when
it was first released)?

(YAR - Yet Another Request)->Does anyone have the address (e-mail or
snail-mail) where I can write to get a version of Modula-3 for the Mac
and PC.

Sorry for the long request,

[UCSD Pascal is now offered by an outfit called Pecan, who still support
it and advertise occasionally. You can FTP a Modula 3 implementation from, though I have no idea how portable it is to the Mac or
PC. -John]

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