Modula-3 for Mac and PC (was Pascal P-Code, Modula M-Code)
23 Sep 91 13:00:10 GMT

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Modula-3 for Mac and PC (was Pascal P-Code, Modula M-Code) (1991-09-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: modula
Organization: Dept of Comp and Info Sci, Univ of Mass (Amherst)
References: 91-09-056
Date: 23 Sep 91 13:00:10 GMT

To my knowledge there are no Modula-3 compilers for the Mac or PC. The
existing compilers are "bigger than a breadbox" and mostly Unix oriented. My
research group is developing a compiler based on gcc (i.e., a new front end
and some modifications to the back end). Since gcc now generates code for
MSDOS machines, there is some hope of seeing Modula-3 on PCs via this route
eventually, but don't hold your breath -- my project is being done on a shoe
string so release is not yet imminent (though we are making good progress).

J. Eliot B. Moss, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Lederle Graduate Research Center
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-4206, 545-1249 (fax);

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