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24 Dec 87 11:16:35 CST (Thu)

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Date: 24 Dec 87 11:16:35 CST (Thu)
From: harvard!rutgers!hao!scicom!qetzal!upba!ugn!mcmi!denny

>[I note that all of these programs run on micros; how much important mainframe
>software is still in assembler? I gather that PARS/ACP, the airline system,
>still is because of its extraordinary performance requirements, e.g. handling
>1000 transactions/second, but is anything else? -John]

I know of a rather large IBM shop which still does most of their work
in assembler. Lots of custom work with large databases. Constant
rewriting. What do they do you ask? You know that stuff that shows
up in your mailbox and leaves you wondering where they got your name?

What's more perfect than junk mail programs written in assembler?
They are not on the net of course.
Denny Page

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