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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Dec 87 04:43:49 GMT
References: <816@ima.ISC.COM>
From: ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU!unisoft!gethen!farren (Michael J. Farren)
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In article <816@ima.ISC.COM> watmath!looking!brad (Brad Templeton) writes:

>The list is shrinking, but we should still remember that today, in terms
>of customer demand, most software is written in assembler.

Considering software technology solely as a function of total units sold
of particular programs is highly misleading. All of the examples you have
given of best-selling software written in assembler were designed to run on
8-bit machines, specifically the Z-80/8080 and the 8088 of the IBM PC. For
these machines, efficient HLLs either are not, or were not (Lotus, MS-DOS),

If and when compilers of sufficient efficiency become available, as they
are beginning to for the IBM PC, I would expect the use of assembler-
only coding to drop significantly. I doubt, for example, that the
same analysis, if made in five years, would show the same results.

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