Peephole Optimizations

Thu, 12 Mar 87 16:54:21 PST

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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 87 16:54:21 PST
From: decvax!decwrl!mipos3!omepd!max

In article <373@artecon.artecon.UUCP> Kevin writes:
>I am looking for some source/suggestions/clues/etc... (whatever) for
>Peephole Optimizers. ...

One project I worked on was a Davidson Frazer style Peephole Optimizer.

This takes an incoming stream of instructions inside a basic block (using
an infinite register set),

1) expands them into a symbolic description of their effect
(register transfer lists)
2) keeps track of register values not killed, reusing them
where possible.
3) As a side effect of #2, constructs links from instructions
to instructions that they logically depend on (ie. because
the prior instruction computes a value the latter instruction
4) collapses pairs of logically related instructions by composition
of the register transfer list - if the result can be represented
by a valid instruction, replace pair with that.
5) assignment of virtual registers to real registers.

The original researches goal was retargetability; my experience was that
it was a little slow, but quite thorough, getting you the results of a
lot of ad-hoc fixups with a few solid techniques. Note that the original
work was done using a series of textual filters for 1-5. You can do a lot
better in terms of speed by using internal linked list representations
of register transfer lists.

The references to the original paper is:
TOPLAS, april '80 pg 191, Davidson, Frazer
'Implementation of a Retargetable Peephole Analyser'


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