Peephole optimizations

mcintyre@artecon.artecon.UUCP (C. Kevin Mcintyre)
6 Mar 87 22:39:48 GMT

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From: mcintyre@artecon.artecon.UUCP (C. Kevin Mcintyre)
Date: 6 Mar 87 22:39:48 GMT
Organization: artecon

I am looking for some source/suggestions/clues/etc... (whatever) for
Peephole Optimizers. I have looked at the Aho Dragon book but it is
somewhat lacking in this area. As far as I can tell it is just a matter
of "string" matching and replacement. I am especially interested in how
the "big" compiler writing companies do their peephole optimizing if
any of them read this newsgroup. Any help will be greatly appreciated
and I will post the results/suggestions back to the net if the
interest is great enough.
--Thanks, Kevin.
Reply with any information to uucp path sdcsvax!hp-sdd!artecon!mcintyre
[All of the peepholers I ever fooled with were pretty standard pattern
matchers with some sort of data structure to let you move code around to
do tail merging and loop flipping. It also seems that about half of the
peephole transformations are quite machine independent, like removing
redundant moves or jumps to jumps, and the other half are completely machine
specific, like taking advantage of pecular address modes or loop closing
instructions. Feel free to cc: interesting responses to compilers. -John]

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