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SM Ryan <>
12 Nov 2005 16:11:17 -0500

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From: SM Ryan <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Nov 2005 16:11:17 -0500
Organization: Quick STOP Groceries
References: 05-11-053
Keywords: analysis
Posted-Date: 12 Nov 2005 16:11:17 EST

Christian Christmann <> wrote:
# for my master's thesis I'm looking for the definition of basic blocks that
# are used in the compiler back end.
# What I actually want to know, is, if call instructions are treated like
# any other instruction or if they cause the end of a basic block.

Each instruction in a basic block is a state transformer. A call
can transform a lot more of the state than most instructions, but
the overall effect is the same. Basic blocks are minimal single
entry/single exit regions.

# I've encountered both versions. Some people use call instructions amid
# a basic block, other use them at the end of a basic block and continue
# with the subsequent instructions in a new block.

That might have to do with multiple return calls, or perhaps
throw/catch returns.

# Are both version correct?

Whatever works is correct.

SM Ryan
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