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A Pietu Pohjalainen <>
12 Nov 2005 16:38:48 -0500

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From: A Pietu Pohjalainen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Nov 2005 16:38:48 -0500
Organization: University of Helsinki
References: 05-11-053
Keywords: analysis, bibliography
Posted-Date: 12 Nov 2005 16:38:48 EST

Christian Christmann <> wrote:
> for my master's thesis I'm looking for the definition of basic blocks that
> are used in the compiler back end.

Some early references I know include:

    author = "F. E. Allen",
    title = "Control Flow Analysis",
    journal = "{ACM SIGPLAN} Notices",
    volume = "5",
    number = "7",
    pages = "1--19",
    year = "1970",
    online = "no paper",

If I recall correctly, there's a problem in this CFG definition, as it
doesn't define the starting basic block of a control flow graph. In a
later survey, there's a definition that cures this:

    editor="S. S. Muchnick and N. D. Jones",
    author="K. Kennedy",
    title={Program Flow Analysis: Theory and Applications},
    chapter="1. A Survey of Data Flow analysis Techniques",
    publisher="Prentice Hall",
    location="New Jersey",

Algorithm for generating basic blocks is avilable e.g. on page 528 of
the Dragon book.

Pietu Pohjalainen

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