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"Big Softie" <>
22 Mar 2003 16:41:59 -0500

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From: "Big Softie" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 Mar 2003 16:41:59 -0500
Organization: BT Openworld
Keywords: tools, question
Posted-Date: 22 Mar 2003 16:41:58 EST

Hi Folks,
I am involved in the development of a major embedded system. Part of my bit
of the project is a script/maths parser, previously we have used LEX and
YACC with very effective results. This time I wanted to try something new
and a bit more up-to-date. I managed (after several days) to get a
demonstration key for Visual Parse++, but they don't seem interested in
answering pre-sales questions; all emails have gone un-answered for over a
week? Is this normal for Sandstone?
I then tried an on-line stockist Xtras.Net, all emails to there domain get
bounced by the mail server, have they gone belly-up?
I really like Visual Parse, and they would have had an order last week if
they would just respond to emails. I can't recommend it's use unless I can
get some pre-sales questions answered, and some assurance that we WILL get
after sales support when we pay for it. The project has VERY tight delivery
times, so anything that introduces a risk would be unacceptable.
Any ideas what I can do, other than go back to LEX and YACC (which is our
fall-back plan)?

Many thanks,


Please excuse me if I sound like I'm winging, the pressure to deliver on
time is immense, and the frustration at not getting answers is growing by
the day.
[If I had to guess, I'd say that Sandstone couldn't reply to the forged
return address in your messages. -John]

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