"Near Miss" error handling?

gwyn@thislove.dyndns.org (Gwyn Judd)
27 Mar 2001 23:26:11 -0500

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From: gwyn@thislove.dyndns.org (Gwyn Judd)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Mar 2001 23:26:11 -0500
Organization: World Center for Flux Capacitor Research
Keywords: parse, errors, comment
Posted-Date: 27 Mar 2001 23:26:11 EST

I'm writing (modifying actually) a compiler for my final undergraduate
project and I've come across a feature I've never seen in a production
compiler. basically when the compiler comes across an identifier it
hasn't seen before, it will go through the list of known identifiers
and try to determine which is the closest so it can then make a
hopefully helpful suggestion on how to correct the error. I didn't
write the routine so I can't say exactly how it works but the person
that did says it was based on a routine for digital signal processing
(or something). I was wondering if anyone knew of anything similar?
Gwyn Judd
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