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joe.macdonald@acm.org (Joe MacDonald)
6 Oct 1999 02:05:28 -0400

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From: joe.macdonald@acm.org (Joe MacDonald)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Oct 1999 02:05:28 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: lex, question, comment


I've been lurking here on and off for a few years now, but I've never
seen anything quite like this come up. I'm having a _very_ strange
problem with flex++ and I'm wondering if there are any gurus out there
willing to give me a hand. I'd rather not spam the group with my lex
code unless someone wants to see it.

The very short version is that I'm doing some special (but not
particularly complicated) lexing on an input file. My rules tranlate
just fine if I use lex-mode, but as soon as I add in %option c++ or
call flex++ to generate the OO-style code, my lex.yy.cc file actually
contains the text of a few of my rules verbatum. Clearly this isn't
good for the compiler, which barfs when it sees the next rule which
looks something like:

<SC>[^"] { ... }

I'd really appreciate any advice. I e-mailed Vern Paxson about this,
but I don't know if he replied (my e-mail service seems to have
dropped a few messages today) or even read it yet and I really don't
want to hassle him.

Joe MacDonald

Oh, for the record, I'm using flex 2.5.4 on an i386 linux box (2.0.37)
and gcc all compiled locally.
[Sure sounds like a bug to me. -John]

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