Re: UCSD Pascal Bytecodes (Derek M Jones)
18 May 1998 00:14:44 -0400

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From: (Derek M Jones)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 May 1998 00:14:44 -0400
Organization: Knowledge Software Ltd
References: 98-05-044 98-05-059 98-05-082
Keywords: Pascal, history


Derek M Jones ( wrote:
> : The original owners, Softech Microsystems, sold the p-System to Pecan,
> : Inc who went bust many years ago. A UK company, Cabot, then got a
> : license from UCSD. "Mike Albaugh" writes:
> I am puzzled by this statement. IIRC, UCSD _was_ the original
> owner. Softech was a shell company formed to "scrub off" some of the

Ah, the joys of sloppy wording.

The p-System was written by a team headed by Ken Bowles at UCSD. The
software was eventually licensed to Softech MicroSystems (a company
created to market the software, who also did a lot of development
work). Softech eventually put their rights to the p-System up for
sale. These went to Pecan, Inc (with UCSD's blessing, for around $1M
I understand, but I am not aware of any figure ever being made
public). I am less clear of how Cabot got licensed, but I know they
had to sign an agreement with UCSD.

There may well be more bugs in the above wording, so be careful.

USUS, the UCSD Pascal Users Group had an extensive source library.
This seems to have evapourated (I threw my discs in the bin several
years ago because I thought somebody else was bound to be keeping
theirs). Perhaps a copy is gathering dust in somebodies attic.

Thinking back I cannot think of any program in the library that is not
available, in C source, on the net; and probably with more
functionality. But of course Pascal people like their code to be in


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