Re: Intermediate compiling

Julian Highfield <>
18 Nov 1996 00:22:22 -0500

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From: Julian Highfield <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Nov 1996 00:22:22 -0500
Organization: chaos
References: 96-11-083
Keywords: interpreter, performance

David Gay writes:
> But the advice about reusing an existing language is good (though I
> would personally avoid TCL because it will be hard to do something if
> the performance becomes a problem).

My experience with Tcl was that when you start hitting a bottleneck in
the interpreted script you write a C version of the bottleneck and
register it as a command in Tcl. So your troublesome loop (or
whatever) becomes a single Tcl command and runs a lot faster.



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