Compiler positions available for week ending October 22
Sun, 22 Oct 1995 12:00:00 GMT

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Compiler positions available for week ending October 22 (1995-10-22)
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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 12:00:00 GMT

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Date: 7 Oct 1995 13:30:46 -0500
From: "KJS" <>
Subject: Stafford, TX positions available

We are developing leading edge compiler technology and development tool
products to support our modern high-performance microprocessors. We are
seeking skilled Computer Scientists to help us meet the challenge of
providing the world's best optimizing compilers, assemblers and source
debuggers for a wide range of architectures.

In today's world of RISC, on-chip parallelism, superscalar execution, and
customized instruction sets, development tools such as optimizing compilers
and source-level debuggers are just as important as the processors themselves.
We are finding solutions for these challenges through active research and
hands-on development in several areas of technology, including:

rapidly retargetable compilers
instruction scheduling
register allocation
software pipelining and other loop optimization
interprocedural optimization
rapidly retargetable assemblers
algebraic and other modern assembler paradigms
assembly code compactors
architecture evaluation
real time debug
multiprocessing debug
modern validation strategies
advanced customer support strategies

We are not simply thinking about these topics or conducting experiments, we
are implementing these capabilities and delivering them to thousands of users
who need them. Our customers use our products to develop trend-setting
applications like digital cellular telephones, high quality consumer
electronics, advanced imaging and graphics systems and anti-skid braking
systems to name just a few.

If you want to apply your Computer Science background in a practical
engineering environment, if you like to program in C and you're good at it,
if you want to work on the industry's most advanced compiler and debugger
technology, and you want a relaxed atmosphere that encourages independent
thinking, then this is the job for you. We're looking for these

BS or MS in Computer Science
Knowledge of programming in C and assembly language
Familiarity with UNIX and DOS
Coursework and experience in compiler construction and computer
Familiarity with several development and debug environments
Citizenship/Permanent Residence

Stafford, Texas
We're in high-quality-of-life suburban community, just southwest of Houston,
where you can enjoy the small city atmosphere and all the benefits of big city
cultural events and major league sports.

Karl Skadowski
Scientific Placement, Inc.
POBox 19949
Houston, TX 77224-9949
Fax 713-496-0373


From: Rob Beaver <>
Subject: Compiler openings at Microware Systems Corp.
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:36:35 -0500 (CDT)

                            Compiler Engineering Opportunities

Microware Systems Corporation seeks qualified candidates for a number of
positions in our Research and Development organization located in
Des Moines, Iowa. We are looking for highly motivated self starters who can
join our small close knit group of engineers to produce and maintain
state-of-the-art compilation systems.

Manager, Languages Group

Responsibilities will include providing technical direction, working with
marketing and upper management on product definition, project planning,
scheduling, contributing to product development, and recuriting, hiring, and
supervision of engineers for C and C++ compilers.

Desired Qualifications:

    - MS or BS in computer science or equivalent combination of education and
    - Minimum of 5 years software development experience with at least 2 years
        commercial compiler experience.
    - 2 years project lead or management experience.
    - Knowledge of all aspects of compilation systems.
    - Strong C/C++ language programming ability.
    - Experience with software engineering life cycle processes.

Any of these additional qualifications will be helpful to the successful

    - Knowledge of C and C++ at the language implementation level and runtime
    - Embedded/realtime software devlopment experience/familiarity.
    - Heavy OOA/OOD experience.
    - ISO-9000 or IEEE std 1074.

Senior Compiler Engineer

Responsibilities will include the design and implementation of major features
and performance improvments in our existing compilation system as well as
retargeting to new hardware architectures.

Desired Qualifications:
    - Minimum of a BS in computer science or equivalent combination of
        education and experience.
    - Minimum of 2 years experience developing commercial compiler products
        or commensurate academic experience.
    - Knowledge of all aspects of compilation systems.
    - Strong C language programming ability.
    - Experience with C++ and assembler (680x0, x86, PowerPC, RISC, DSP)
    - Experience with software engineering life cycle processes.

Any additional specialties and interests in the following will be helpful to
the successful applicant:
    - C++ compilation systems.
    - Interprocedural optimization.
    - Debugging optimized code.
    - Code generator generators.
    - Optimizing for superscalar, VLIW, or parallel architectures.
    - Diverse knowlege of object file formats. (ELF, COFF, XCOFF, OMF, PE)
    - Embedded/realtime software devlopment experience/familiarity.
    - ISO-9000 or IEEE std 1074.

Compiler Engineer

Responsibilities will include the design and implementation of major features
and performance improvements in our existing C, C++, and POSIX.1 runtime

Desired Qualifications:
    - Minimum of a BS in computer science or equivalent combination of
        education and experience.
    - Knowledge of all aspects of compilation systems.
    - Strong C and C++ language programming ability.
    - Assembly language programming ability (680x0, x86, PowerPC, RISC)
    - Experience with software engineering life cycle processes.

Any of these additional qualifications will be helpful to the successful
    - Experience developing runtime support for commercial compiler products
        or commensurate academic experience.
    - Familiarity with runtime support as specified by the ISO C standard
    - Familiarity with runtime support as specified by the emerging ISO C++
    - Familiarity with runtime support as specified by POSIX.1.
    - Familiarity with OS-9/OS-9000 realtime operating systems.
    - Embedded/realtime software devlopment experience/familiarity.
    - ISO-9000 or IEEE std 1074.

>From _The_Wall_Street_Journal_ to _Wired_, Microware Systems Corporation is
making the headlines. From interactive television and cellular telephones to
traffic controllers and medical instrumentation, Microware real-time system
software is affecting every aspect of daily life. Microware's OS-9 Real-Time
Operating System has been deployed in millions of high-performance devices
around the world. And Microware's DAVID has become the standard for
interactive television software. Microware is defining the leading edge
because we hire the best and brightest people.

Microware is located in America's Heartland- Des Moines, Iowa. Where quality
of life is paramount. Where high school students have the highest ACT scores
in the country. Where housing is affordable. Where a drive to work takes
just 10 minutes. It is an ideal setting for creating software that pushes
the envelope.

Now, Microware is looking for more of the best and brightest to help us
continue to define the leading edge. Microware offers a very attractive
compensation package; including a competitive salary, major health care
coverage, and a 401(k) plan. Plus, Microware offers a stimulating, challenging,
yet casual environment.

If you are a computer professional looking for an unusual challenge in a
city with a high quality of life and a low cost of living, send your resume
with salary history in writing (no e-mail applications accepted) to:

Human Resources Administrator
Microware Systems Corporation
1900 NW 114th St
Des Moines, IA 50325-7077

Microware Systems Corporation is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity


From: (Bruce McIsaac)
Subject: Designer required
Organization: Antares Alliance Group
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 20:09:18 GMT

Antares Alliance Group is looking for a Compiler/Language design specialist.
For detailed information refer to our employment page.


From: (Thomas Weigert)
Subject: Research position at Motorola
Date: 16 Oct 1995 01:16:33 GMT
Organization: Motorola Inc

The Software Technology Center, of Motorola Land Mobile Products Sector
Research, is looking for a self-motivated, experienced individual to
contribute to our

Knowledge-based Software Engineering

efforts. Our research group is developing tools for the derivation of
product-quality code for real-time communication systems from abstract
specifications. We have access to a large pool of highly experienced
product engineers for domain-specific coding knowledge.

Depending on your background, responsibility will include either (a) the
integration of general-purpose coding knowledge, with particular focus on
data type refinement and high-level optimizations (e.g., finite
differencing); or (b) the identification and codification of
domain-specific optimization or implementation schemes.

Necessary skills include an understanding of implementation/optimization
techniques that go beyond mere programming experience, the ability to
codify such knowledge (in order for it to be applied to specifications),
and the necessary communication skills to obtain domain-specific knowledge
from product engineers. A strong compiler development background is
necessary, although experience with back-end code generators and local
optimizations will not be specifically required. Our tools are implemented
in high-level languages (e.g., Lisp or ML), and we rely on state-of-the art
compiler and parser generators, so an experience with either is a
plus. Strong C programming skills are required as well.

Experience in the following areas would be valuable: Compile-time garbage
collection, program derivation, algorithm derivation, partial evaluation,
type inference.

For more details please contact Thomas Weigert at (708)576-2174. Please
email a resume to or fax to (708)576-3240.


From: (Dr. Anthony Wojcik)
Subject: Faculty Positions
Date: 17 Oct 1995 16:33:01 GMT
Organization: Department of Computer Science, Michigan State University

                                    MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY
                                DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE

                                          FACULTY POSITIONS

The Department of Computer Science invites applications for three anticipated
tenure-stream positions at the assistant professor level (position numbers ENG
128, ENG 143, ENG 004). Candidates from all areas of specialization in computer
science or computer engineering will be considered; however, the department has
a special interest in candidates in the areas of software engineering, software
systems, computer graphics and visualization, robotics, database, and theory.
The research foci of the department include artificial intelligence and
knowledge-based systems, computer architecture and design automation, high
speed networks and performance, parallel and distributed computing systems and
algorithms, pattern recognition and image processing, database systems,
analysis of algorithms and theory of computation, and formal methods for
software systems. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in computer science or
computer engineering and have a strong interest in both research and teaching.
The appointments will begin in August 1996. For full consideration,
applications should be submitted by January 8, 1996. However, applications will
be accepted until the positions are filled.

As a unit within the College of Engineering at Michigan State University,
Computer Science offers the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor
of Philosophy degrees. It also jointly administers a Bachelor of Science degree
in Computer Engineering with the Electrical Engineering Department. The
department has received extensive funding for support of its instructional and
research activities from a broad spectrum of companies and government agencies,
local and national. The Department currently has 23 tenure-stream faculty, and
an enrollment of approximately 160 graduate students and 400 undergraduates.
Special support is available from within the college and university to initiate
research by new faculty members. Faculty offices and laboratories are connected
to the MSUnet that provides access to an array of campus computing resources
including the facilities of the College of Engineering, the Department's
Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Laboratory, Intelligent Systems
Laboratory, High Speed Network and Performance Laboratory, Multimedia
Laboratory, and Advanced Computing Systems Laboratory. The computing facilities
in the department includes more than 200 high-end workstations, two workstation
clusters interconnected by high-speed networks, and other specialized research

Michigan State University enjoys a park-like campus of 2,100 developed acres
and 3,100 acres of experimental farms, outlying research facilities and natural
areas. The campus is adjacent to the cities of East Lansing and the capital
city, Lansing. The Greater Lansing area has approximately 250,000 residents.
The communities have excellent school systems and place a high value on

Applicants should send a letter of intent, resume, the names of three
references, and a statement of research and teaching interests to:

Faculty Search Committee
A714 Wells Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1027

For additional information about the Department, College, and the University,

Michigan State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Institution and handicappers have the right to request and receive reasonable


Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:01:16 -0400
From: (Richard Bleikamp)
Subject: Compiler test engineer at Convex

Convex Computer Corporation is looking for a Compiler Test Engineer.
Please see the job description below.
Resumes and requests for more information may be e-mailed to
"". Please do NOT post your response to this newsgroup.

Job Title

          Compiler Test Engineer.

Reports to

          Manager of Strategic Compiler Development.


          Excellent compensation and benefits, based on experience.


          Convex Computer Corporation is a leading supplier of high-performance
          computing technologies. The company markets its products primarily to
          scientific, engineering and technical users for a wide variety of
          applications including data management. Convex has sold more than 1,450
          systems to more than 650 customers in 48 countries. Convex is working
          closely with Hewlett-Packard developing parallel systems based on PA-RISC

Job Summary

          The individual will participate in the design, development, enhancement,
          porting, execution and release of test software for optimizaing compilers
          for high-performance systems. Other responsibilities include the isolation
          and analysis of software problems and development of test tools for an
          automated test environment. Projects will typically be two to eight months
          in duration. A close working relationship with the product developers and
          other test developers must be established. The position also involves
          mentoring and training more junior staff members in test automation
          methodology, software failure analysis and test development.



                          + 3+ years of Fortran programming experience required, expertise
                              in scientific computing a plus.
                          + Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent industry
                          + Ability to adapt to new situations and assignments quickly.
                          + Self-directed and able to carry out responsibilities with a
                              minimum of supervision.
                          + Strong analytical problem solving skills.
                          + Excellent oral and written communication.
                          + Focused on quality and thoroughness.
                          + Significant experience using C and FORTRAN programming
                          + Innovative testing and automation techniques are highly valued.
                          + Ability to mentor and develop others.


                          + Previous experience developing tests for compilers.
                          + Thorough understanding of parallel programming concepts for
                              shared-memory multiprocessors.
                          + Masters degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
                          + Knowledge of Fortran 90 and HPF.


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