Re: 6502 C compiler? (Arne Riiber)
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:25:35 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Arne Riiber)
Keywords: C
Organization: Oslonett public access
References: 94-12-084
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:25:35 GMT wrote:
> Can anyone please direct me to an ftp site where I might find source for
> a C compiler which generates 6502 code? The "catalog of Compilers etc"
> lists SmallC and says there is a 6502 implementation, but the smallc I
> found in the comp.unix.sources archives did not include 6502 - it had
> 8080, 6809 and vax.

The archive located in UK and the name is f049tcc.*, try archie tcc.

> [I'm getting a lot of requests for C compilers and assemblers for 8 bit chips,
> usually embedded processors. If anyone has wisdom on this topic, please send
> it in and I'll add it to the FAQ. -John]

Here's my list of Small-C versions:

-8080??1.0Ron Cain
cpc(simtel)8086No?1.1Capridge Syst.
cc868086NoCPM86 stdio1.1B.White?
c80v2Z80NoCPM stdio,1.1Van Zandt
sc888086NoYes2.0Byte (R.Green)
tcc(6502)6502NoBBC stdio1.1+A.Travis
smlc68k68kNoAmiga stdio1.1W.Kuesche

ARCHIVE= Internet archive name (or substring suitable for archie)
TARGET= Target processor (8086=8088)
PEEP= Peephole optimizer
LIB= Standard C library support (strcpy, ...)
VER= Base version, enhancement indicated by +
CREDIT= Name associated with the archive

The small-c is my favourite: Files have logical names instead of
cc1.c, cc2.c, ... I have worked on a 6805 code generator w/16-bits
arithmetic based on the small-c archive. It may be released before


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