GD' 94 Graph Drawing Competition (Bob Cohen)
Fri, 29 Jul 1994 02:56:42 GMT

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GD' 94 Graph Drawing Competition (1994-07-29)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Bob Cohen)
Keywords: tools, graphics
Organization: Uni of Newcastle, Australia
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 1994 02:56:42 GMT

                                GD' 94 Graph Drawing Competition

                          Organized by Peter Eades and Joe Marks

A graph drawing competition will take place in conjunction with the
Graph Drawing '94 DIMACS Workshop. Entries in four different
categories (trees, planar graphs, general directed graphs, general
undirected graphs) will be judged by a panel of experts. All drawings
should be submitted electronically to as PostScript
files before midnight, October 2, 1994. (Entries may also be faxed to
+1 617-621-7550.) At the workshop, prizes will be awarded for the best
drawing in each category. The winning entries will also be included in
the workshop proceedings.

How to Enter the Competition:

The files digraph, planar, tree, and undirected, available by anonymous
ftp from contain representations
of four graphs. In each graph, each node is represented by an integer.
For each node v, there is a record of the form
                v u1 u2 ... uk
which represents
    * (for a directed graph) arcs v->u1, v->u2, ..., v->uk,
    * (for an undirected graph) edges v-u1, v-u2, ..., v-uk.
Note that for an undirected graph, each edge v-u is represented twice:
once in the record for v, once in the record for u.

Submit drawings of any or all of these graphs to as
PostScript files before midnight, October 2. (Entries may also be faxed
to Joe Marks at +1 617-621-7550.)

Each node in your drawing should be labelled with its integer name, so
that the judges can check that you have drawn the right graph without
solving the Isomorphism Problem.

Your drawings *must* each include identification information:
    (1) your name and email address, and
    (2) some information as to how the drawing was obtained
                  (e.g., "manually computed layout using MacDraw", or "Sugiyama
                  layout using GraphEd, followed by some manual editing").
This information should be included in the PostScript file, or on the

Corporate sponsors: IBM Canada and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.

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