Informatica 18/01 Table of Content

Katarzyna M Paprzycka <>
Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:49:04 GMT

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Informatica 18/01 Table of Content (Katarzyna M Paprzycka) (1994-06-23)
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From: Katarzyna M Paprzycka <>
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Organization: University of Pittsburgh
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:49:04 GMT

Dear Netters,

This message provides the table of content of Vol. 18, No. 1 of


ISSN 0350-5596

More information about the Journal is available via ftp or WWW from in magazines/informatica.

You can also contact the following persons:

Matjaz Gams at
Marcin Paprzycki at

Sorry for possible cross posting but this is the only way to reach
all interested indyviduals.


Profiles: R. Trappl 3
Editorial: Cybernetics and Systems Research on
                            Their Way to the 21st Century 5

A.A. Toptsis: 7
                            Parallel Algorithms for the Complete and
                            Restricted Transitive Closure of a Database

A. Znidarsic, V.J. Terpstra, H.B. Verbruggen: 27
                            MFM Based Diagnosis of Technical Systems

A. Mahmood, H.U. Khan, H.A. Fatmi: 37
                            Adaptive File Allocation in Distributed
                            Information Systems

M. Ostroversnik, Z. Sehic, B. Zupancic, M. Sega: 47
                            Concept Representation of the Software Tool
                            Pidmaster for Systems Modeling and Controllers

C. Wohlin: 55
                            Evaluation of Software Quality Attributes During
                            Software Design

J. Silc: 71
                            Scheduling Strategies in High-Level Synthesis

B. Nemec, L. Zlajpah: 81
                            Force Control of an Industrial Robot with
                            Adaptive Compensation of the Environment

H. Suematsu:
                            Current Status of the EDR Electronic Dictionary 93

M. Gams:
                            IJCAI'93 - a Critical Review 97

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