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Terence Parr <>
Fri, 14 Jan 1994 22:47:23 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Terence Parr <>
Keywords: tools, PCCTS
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 94-01-044 94-01-050
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 22:47:23 GMT

jhall@garden.WPI.EDU (John Clinton Hall) writes:

> PCCTS is available for anonymous ftp, although I don't remember the site
> address (Terence, please refresh my memory). Also, the new version is
> supposed to generate C++ Parser and Scanner objects, but I don't even know
> if the new version is out yet, since I just got back from a vacation.
> (Terence, is it out yet?)

The ftp site is in pub/pccts. Latest version as of
August 1993 is 1.10. I'm working on the nice C++ parser and scanner
object stuff as we speak, but am behind my original schedule for a variety
of reasons. It'll be into February sometime when the new version comes
out. Lots more goodies including token classes like this:

#tokclass MOP { "\*" "/" }
#tokclass AOP { "\-" "\+" }
#tokclass OP { MOP AOP }

aexpr : mexpr ( AOP mexpr )* ;
mexpr : atom ( MOP atom )* ;

The reference to a token class results in a quick set membership rather
than the usual test for each member of a subrule ala:

aexpr : mexpr ( ("\-"|"\+") mexpr )* ;

For you C++ junkies we have added grammar classes (kind of like some
YACC-based tools like YACC++ from Compiler Resources):

class Expr {
aexpr : mexpr ( AOP mexpr )* ;
mexpr : atom ( MOP atom )* ;

Then your C++ code can define objects of type Expr and invoke individual rules

        MyTokenStream scan; /* create one of my scanners (if you don't use DLG) */
        Expr parser(&scan);/* create a parser of type Expr hooked to my scanner */

        parser.e(); /* start parsing at rule 'aexpr' of that parser */

Anyhoo, should be out RSN...

Terence Parr

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