Re: Shared memory design, was garbage collection (Terrence M. Brannon)
Wed, 12 Aug 1992 15:05:43 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Terrence M. Brannon)
Organization: Caltech Yoga Qi Gong Tai Chi
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1992 15:05:43 GMT
Keywords: storage, architecture
References: 92-08-015 92-08-043

>>(2) The UNIX process model is a good one, and should be preserved. In
>>particular, this means that (a) processes shouldn't be able to crash each
>>other or (b) view each other's data.

>No. There are a lot of ways processes can view "each other's" data. One of
>them, which is to map a common file, is very useful. I insist that
>processes _should_ be able to do this, mainly by not buying versions of
>UNIX where this is not possible.

-*- Another way, that I will be working on this morning is to force all
other languages to be inferior process of Emacs. Emacs will serve as a
global cache for Python, Tcl, and Perl interpreters.

This is the first step. The next step is to let Emacs be the virtual
shared memory for interpreters across the internet. For example let's say
your local machine is A and you have remote machines R1 and R2. Using
only Python as an example, we spawn a Python interpreter on A. This
Python interpreter does the following:

import emacs

r1_pointer = emacs.spawn("tbrannon@R1:~/python-directory")
r2_pointer = emacs.spawn("tbrannon@R2:~/python-directory")

r1_pointer.('import fibonacci')
r2_pointer.('import fibonacci')

sum1 = r1_pointer.('fibonacci.generate(1000,2000)')
sum2 = r2_pointer.('fibonacci.generate(2001,3000)')

local_sum = sum1 + sum2

-*- Another point: BUY unix ? Wait until the GNU Hurd comes out and you
wont have to buy another unix for two reasons: (1) no company will be able
to outperform the GNU Hurd (2) free is always cheaper than any higher
amount of money.
Terrence Brannon (

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