TOOLS: Visual Languages [1] (Fernando Mato Mira)
Wed, 17 Jun 1992 11:33:57 GMT

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From: (Fernando Mato Mira)
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Keywords: visual, summary
Organization: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
References: <> 92-06-070
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1992 11:33:57 GMT

Here is the information I got on visual language tools:


Visual Solutions (Westford, Mass USA) sells a visual language called
VisSim, for mathematical modeling and continuous simulation. It supports
interactive diagram construction and execution, with user constructable
blocks and visual encapsulation. VisSim runs on the PC under Windows as
well as most popular UNIX/X platforms. Though VisSim is written in C, we
support a language independent DLL interface to call user functions from a
single block.

  Demos are 15$,
  Personal VisSim (255 block limit) $595
  Commercial (16,000 block limit PC/500K blocks UNIX) $1800/$5500

Academic discounts are available to qualified institutions.

    Pete Darnell
    Tel 508-392-0100
    Fax 508-692-3102


Fred lakin wrote a paper for AAAI 87 called "Visual Grammars for Visual
Languages" you might find interesting; it describes a lisp-based visual
language tool kit. The system is now available commercially as research
software on Sparcstations and Symbolics.



        Lakin, Fred, ``Visual Grammars for Visual Languages,'' published in
        the proceedings of AAAI-87, conference of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION for
        ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Seattle, Washington, July 12-17, 1987,
        pp 683-688.
Fernando D. Mato Mira
Computer Graphics Lab
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

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