RPG II compiler for PC's

lacey@frith.egr.msu.edu (Mark M. Lacey)
Sun, 17 Nov 91 19:34:20 EST

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From: lacey@frith.egr.msu.edu (Mark M. Lacey)
Keywords: RPG
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 91-11-061
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 91 19:34:20 EST

>Does anyone know of an RPG compiler for an IBM pc or a Macintosh?

Yes. California Software and Lattice each have an RPG compiler for the
PC. I am not familiar with the product by California Software, but have
used the Lattice RPG II compiler. I believe both companies also have
RPG III compilers, but I am not certain of that.

California Software's package is larger, more expensive, and includes
more utilities. Both packages are fairly expensive, and I am not
certain if they are both still being sold. When we bought Lattice's
package 2 years ago, it ran for $1,500. I am not sure how much
California Software's was, but I recall it being much more. Lattice's
package comes with an SDA compatible screen designer, an OCL
interpreter, a MAKE utility, routines that allow you to call C
functions (though the version we had only worked with Lattice's own C
compiler), and more.
Mark M. Lacey (lacey@[cps|egr].msu.edu)

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