Looking for PL/I Compiler(s) on PCs

zfgo01@hou.amoco.com (Glen Oakes)
Wed, 13 Nov 1991 01:54:58 GMT

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Looking for PL/I Compiler(s) on PCs zfgo01@hou.amoco.com (1991-11-13)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: zfgo01@hou.amoco.com (Glen Oakes)
Summary: PL/I compiler availability on PCs - Anyone know of any?
Keywords: PL/I, question
Organization: Amoco
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1991 01:54:58 GMT

The group I work in develops software, mostly for the IBM mainframe
environment. To date, the development has been done in the
mainframe environment itself with most of the code written in PL/I.
We'd like to move most of the code development and testing to the
PC (OS/2 and MS-DOS) environment and then move the code for final
testing and production use to the mainframe. However, I haven't
been able to find any PL/I compilers for the PC. Does anyone have
any info on availability of PL/I compilers and associated development
tools for this environment?

Also, I believe I read a few weeks ago that the ANSI PL/I standards
committee had been disbanded. Anyone else read that? Is it true?

Thanks for your help.

[LPI has a 386 DOS compiler, see message 91-10-049. Don't know about the
committee but I can't say I'm very surprised -- PL/I is rather moribund
these days. -John]

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