Re: MIPS R2000 interpretor (Vadim Antonov)
Wed, 9 Oct 91 17:45:26 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.sys.mips,comp.arch,comp.compilers
From: (Vadim Antonov)
Keywords: performance, interpreter
Organization: DEMOS, Moscow, USSR
References: 91-09-090 91-10-005
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 91 17:45:26 GMT

I'm currently writing one including CP0 and cache simulation -- if someone
needs it I could send the (undebugged) sources. I do not plan to make it a
complete product, I simply need a simulator of a simple multiprocessor
machine for my research project and too lazy to invent my own device :-)

BTW, I have no live MIPS processor (and all books lack details) and want
to ask some trivia questions:

1. How LWL and LWR do really work on *aligned* words?

2. What BCT0 and BCF0 really do?

3. Is there any functionality of CP0 *control* registers?

4. A book says that raising TLB Shutdown condition will disable TLB
      and address translation will produce *undefined* results. Is there
      any regular way to catch this situation from software?

5. I'd like to simulate a simple disk subsystem and tty and want to
      make it similar to some existant hardware. Any suggestions?

6. How to implement inter-processor signalling and locks on MIPS-based

Excuse for abusing your attention :-) I do not expect there is a lot of
people interested in these details thus please answer by e-mail.

Vadim Antonov

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