FTP-able bibliography on partial evaluation!

sestoft@diku.dk (Peter Sestoft)
28 Sep 91 14:00:32 GMT

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FTP-able bibliography on partial evaluation! sestoft@diku.dk (1991-09-28)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.functional,comp.lang.scheme,comp.lang.prolog,comp.compilers
From: sestoft@diku.dk (Peter Sestoft)
Keywords: bibliography, FTP, prolog, Scheme, functional
Organization: Department of Computer Science, U of Copenhagen
Date: 28 Sep 91 14:00:32 GMT

I keep a current bibliography on partial evaluation in Bibtex format.
The bibliography has 369 entries and is updated regularly.

The most recent version is available for anonymous ftp from
ftp.diku.dk (Internet number as file
/pub/doc/partial-eval.bib.Z in the ftp directory. The compressed file
is 62 KB.

To obtain this file from DIKU, do the following from the Unix shell:

(1) Type "ftp ftp.diku.dk"
(2) Reply "ftp" to the prompt "Name (freja.diku.dk:...): "
(3) Reply with your own e-mail address to the prompt "Password: "
     (4) Type "cd /pub/doc"
(5) Type "binary"
(6) Type "get partial-eval.bib.Z" -- and the transfer begins;
(7) Type "bye" -- when completed.
(8) Type "uncompress partial-eval.bib.Z"

This should leave you with a Bibtex file called "partial-eval.bib".
I hope that you will find it useful.

Peter Sestoft
Peter Sestoft * sestoft@diku.dk * DIKU, Department of Computer Science
University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 1, DK-2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark
Tel: +45 31 39 64 66 * Direct: +45 31 39 33 11/406 * Fax: +45 31 39 02 21

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