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Thu, 26 Sep 1991 11:33 EST

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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1991 11:33 EST

In Article 91-09-072 Markus Baertschi ( writes:
MB> I'm looking for a small, but complete C compiler for MS-DOS.

I just purchased a book A Small C Compiler (details below) which
not only is a functional C compiler, but the source code is also included.
While the compiler is not fully compatible with C, whatever is created
using it is upward compatible to full C.

The main reason I got it was for learning how to create a compiler.
The source code for the compiler is included and the book is very good at
describing what is found in the code and how the compiler works. Since it
is based on a subset of C, one can test one's programming skills by making
the compiler fully C compatible. The compiler does compile itself, which
means you don't need to have anything other than the included disk to get

Details on the book:

Topics covered in the book include:
1. Generated code
2. Data structures
3. Front & Back end
4. Parsing (high and low levels)
5. Optimization techniques

Author: James E. Hendrix
Title: A Small C Compiler, 2nd Edition
Pub.: M&T Books, a division of M&T Publishing
                501 Galveston Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063
ISBN 0-934375-88-7
ISBN 1-55851-007-9 (disk)
ISBN 0-934375-97-6 (book & disk)
QA76.73.S58H45 1988 005.13'3 88-9291

David Nebinger

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