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"Ozan Yigit" <oz@ursa.CCS.YorkU.CA>
Fri, 26 Jul 91 03:56:26 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Ozan Yigit" <oz@ursa.CCS.YorkU.CA>
Keywords: interpreter, books
Organization: York U. Communications Research & Development
References: 91-07-044
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 91 03:56:26 GMT
Bogus: writes: There are many good books on compiler construction, (the dragon book, etc) but is there a really good interpreter reference?
Bogus: Hm. I guess it depends on the type of interpreter. For example, Allen's
Bogus: "Anatomy of Lisp" could be considered a good interpreter reference, and
Bogus: there is a good book on the implementation of Icon. My current favorite
Bogus: is a book by Samuel Kamin:
Bogus: %A Samuel N. Kamin
Bogus: %B Programming Languages: An Interpreter-Based Approach
Bogus: %I Addison-Wesley
Bogus: %C Reading, Mass
Bogus: %D 1990
Bogus: This is a superb book that covers a number of interesting languages [my
Bogus: favorites :-)] and for each language, an interpreter that embodies some
Bogus: of its crucial conceps is implemented [using cambridge polish syntax.] lisp APL Scheme SASL CLU Smalltalk Prolog
Bogus: The book is actually quite a bit more involved, and the source code is
Bogus: only a part of the book, not "the book", as lesser books would have it.
Bogus: I hope this is useful. The pascal code implementing these languages can
Bogus: be ftp-ed from under uiuc/kamin.distr.
Bogus: hope this is useful... oz
Bogus: --
Uucp: utai/utzoo!yunexus!oz


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