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27 Nov 90 00:15:39 GMT

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Linda Compiler. (1990-11-27)
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From: (devakumar mannemela)
Keywords: linda, bibliography
Organization: Colorado State University
Date: 27 Nov 90 00:15:39 GMT

Hi !

I am posting the mail i receiving in response to my earlier
request about Linda compiler. I take the oppurtunity to thank everyone
who responded to my posting.

Deva Kumar M.


Reply-To: "James E. Narem Jr." <narem-james@CS.YALE.EDU>
Full-Name: "James E. Narem Jr."

    Contact point for info is

            ..........jim (, decvax!yale!narem, Narem@YaleCS.BITNET)
(linda-users moderator)

Reply-To: (Thierry Leconte)
Subject: Re:Linda Compiler

>I need some info about the C-Linda compiler, ( for my raytracer )

Do you know rayshade one of the best publicly available by anonymous ftp
on ( it has a compile option for
linda support !


Reply-To: Nicholas Carriero <carriero-nicholas@CS.YALE.EDU>
Full-Name: Nicholas Carriero

The C-Linda system is available under license from Scientific Computing
Associates for systems ranging from uniprocessor development systems to
commercial multiprocessors to local arean networks.

There is a charge, but it is modest for Universities.

Pls. send mail to for more information (they will be
better able to help you if you provide some details as to the target
environment (machine/os) of interest).

-Nick Carriero

Reply-To: convex!orion! (Ramon Dominguez)
Subject: c-linda


Linda is available from Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. of New Haven, CT
I know because I used to work there before I came to work here at Convex.
I suggest that you try sending mail to yale!sca!philbin to ask about details.
Linda should be available to schools at an educational discount. Feel free
to contact me if you have other questions or if your mail to SCA bounces.


Reply-To: Wilhelm Hasselbring <>
Subject: Re: Linda Compiler

Here are some references on C-Linda.

If you get any other useful replies, please forward them to me or to
comp.lang.misc. Especially I would be interested in any available


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    year = "1988",
    pages = "192-199",
    address = "Orlando, Fla.",
    month = nov,


Reply-To: (Ellen Smith)
Subject: Re: Linda Compiler

Following Dr. Nick Carriero's response to your above e-mail, we would
like to mail you literature regarding Linda(R).

Please e-mail me your surface address, phone #, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ellen Smith
Account Executive

Dev Kumar M. E-mail
Colorado State University Tel : 303 - 484 - 7970

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