A bibliography on Debugging Optimized Code

Lyle Cool <lyle@cse.ogi.edu>
Wed, 01 Aug 90 13:05:13 GMT

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A bibliography on Debugging Optimized Code lyle@cse.ogi.edu (Lyle Cool) (1990-08-01)
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From: Lyle Cool <lyle@cse.ogi.edu>
Keywords: debug, code, optimize, bibliography
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Date: Wed, 01 Aug 90 13:05:13 GMT

Here is the bibliography I promised on the subject of "Debugging Optimized

Hennesy, J., "Symbolic Debugging of Optimized Code", ACM Transactions on
Programming Languages and Systems, 4(3):323-344, July, 1982.

Zellweger, P., "An Intercative High-Level Debugger for Control-Flow Optimized
Programs", ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 18(8):159-171, Aug. 1983. (By the way, this
entire issue of the ACM SIGPLAN Notices is devoted to debugging in general.)

Zellweger, P., "Interactive Source-Level Debugging of Optimized Programs",
Xerox PARC Report CSL-84-5,[P84-00047], May 1984. (Refer to an earlier
article in this newsgroup for more information about this report.)

Aho, A., Sethi, R., and Ullman, J., "Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and
Tools", pp. 703-711, Addison-Wesley, 1986.

Coutant, D., Meloy, S., and Ruscetta, M., "DOC: A Practical Approach to
Source-Level Debugging of Globally Optimized Code", Proceedings of the
SIGPLAN '88 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation,
June 22-24, 1988.

Zurawski, L., "Interactive Source-Level Debugging of Globally Optimized Code
with Expected Behavior", PhD Thesis, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, 1990. (contact johnson@cs.uiuc.edu for a copy)

Also, I was referred to the DDE debugger on the Apollo DOMAIN system which
reportedly can debug optimized code "quite readily" in part because "the
interference graph from the register allocator is output in the debug symbol

I also heard from two sources of a master's thesis by Max Copperman, but I am
still waiting to get some details on it. I will post more information when it

I will be maintaining a bibliography on the subject, so if you have any
additions to this list, please let me know. From time to time, if there are
any significant additions, I will post what I have accumulated.

Lyle Cool


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