Ratfor -> C ?

tan@Microvation.com (Tan Bronson)
Sun, 20 May 90 16:29:48 EDT

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Ratfor -> C ? tan@Microvation.com (1990-05-20)
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Date: Sun, 20 May 90 16:29:48 EDT
Keywords: ratfor, C, translator, question
From: tan@Microvation.com (Tan Bronson)

I've got to do some modification to software written in ratfor, and would
prefer to do this work on my xenix machine. So far my choices appear
to be:
        - ratfor -> C (my number one choice, but I can't find it)
        - ratfor -> f2c -> c (which seems a bit round-about)
        - work on a machine which already has fortran.
        - buy fortran for my xenix machine (expensive for one time work)

        Does anyone know of a ratfor -> C translator? Something which runs
on DOS would do, but Xenix/unix would be preferable.
        Any ideas and/or clues would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
Tan Bronson tan@Microvation.COM (or tan@bronson.UUCP)
Microvation Consultants (203)-421-5061
20 Sperry Road Madison, CT 06443

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