Where can I get a full LR parser generator?

Thu, 10 May 90 12:44:49 -0700

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Where can I get a full LR parser generator? rfg@esp.ICS.UCI.EDU (1990-05-10)
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Keywords: parse, question, LR(1)
Organization: University of California, Irvine (UCI)
Date: Thu, 10 May 90 12:44:49 -0700
From: rfg@esp.ICS.UCI.EDU

This question has probably been asked and answered before, but I'd like
to know if there is anyplace where I could get a FULL LR parser generator.
In particular, I'd like one which is public domain or (at the very least)
one whose parser-driver routine is public domain.

A couple of years back, I vaguely recall that somebody told me that they
had built such a thing, and that (contrary to popular belief) the table
sizes were not excessive and the speed was actually pretty good.

Now if I could just remember who said that...

Please send responses via E-mail. If you need this information also,
you should also send me an E-mail request. If I get any responses
saying that such a tool is available, and if somebody else wants to
know about such things, I'll summarize back to comp.compilers.

Please don't send me info (or requests for info) about LALR(1) parser
generators. I know where I can get several of those already.

// Ron Guilmette (rfg@ics.uci.edu)
// C++ Entomologist
// Motto: If it sticks, force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.
[I didn't see any references to full LR parsers in the compilers archive. John]

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