Any Earley parser generators out there?

brunix!princeton! (Michael Platoff)
Thu, 19 Nov 87 18:39:01 EST

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Any Earley parser generators out there? brunix!princeton! (1987-11-19)
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Date: Thu, 19 Nov 87 18:39:01 EST
From: brunix!princeton! (Michael Platoff)

I would like to avoid having to write an Earley parser generator
myself. Are there any Earley parser generators available
(public-domain or otherwise)? Your suggestions, anecdotes, or
experiences with an Earley parser or parser generator would be
gratefully appreciated.


Michael Platoff
Siemens Research and Technology Labs
105 College Road East
Princeton, NJ 08540-6668

(609) 734-3354

[In about 1973, Ned Irons et al. were using a compilers for the PDP-10 called
IMP72. It implemented Earley's algorithm and could parse very strange and
ambiguous grammars, and if you didn't like the grammar that it implemented,
you could put BNF anywhere in your program to add a grammar you liked better.
Unfortunately, the compiler was very slow and generated lousy code. It saw
some use at BB&N more recently. I haven't heard of any other Earley parsers,
but you never know. -John]

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