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harvard!seismo!mcvax!josw (Jos Warmer)
Mon, 22 Sep 86 15:23:17 +0200

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Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 86 15:23:17 +0200
From: harvard!seismo!mcvax!josw (Jos Warmer)

I am in the process of writing parsers and came to the conclusion
that the best way to tackle my problems is to use the recusive descent
method. However, we only have yacc available, which is of no use.
What I need are tools for analysing grammars for their LL
property and tools for aiding the production of the parser itself.

A while ago you told in a news-article that your group has tools
which can generate a recursive descent parser from an LL(1) grammar.
I would like to know what tools are available,
in which language are they written, and what language do they produce,
and how I can obtain them. Are they free-domain etc...

                                                Jos Warmer
CWI, (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science)
P.O. Box 4079
1009 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands
phone: (020) 592.4135
[I haven't kept mod.compilers archives due to lack of disk space. If anyone
has something to offer, please send mail directly to him. My impression,
though, is that most recursive descent parsers are written by hand, since they
embed the grammar implcitly in the call structure of the parser. There have
been some automated LL(1) parsers, which work like recursive desceent except
that rather than recursing they keep an explicit state stack. It's also my
impression that these days bottom-up parser generators are more successful
than top-down ones, though the exact reason is open to debate. -John]

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