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johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers moderator)
12 Apr 86 17:52:10 GMT

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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers moderator)
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Date: 12 Apr 86 17:52:10 GMT
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Posted: Sat Apr 12 12:52:10 1986
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In article <187@ima.UUCP> Rick Morrison writes:
>[are there any algorithms better than Earley's for parsing ambiguous
>context free languages?]

I think you should take a look at Thomas Cheatham's EL1. He may still be at
Harvard. EL1 is supposed to be a production-quality extensible-language.
His thesis explains the algorithms behind the compiler, and should be
available in a well-equipped university library. The compiler actually
exists, and to my [not so recent] memory, it is used.


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[Good point -- I used EL1 in about 1975 and it was an interesting stab at
extensible languages. I still think that the O(N**3) limit will bite you,
though you might be able to find ways to distinguish the ambiguous and
non-ambiguous parts of your language and speed up parsing the non-ambiguous
stuff. -John]
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