Re: Delphi to bytecode compiler (.NET or JVM)

Paul Robinson <>
23 Dec 2004 21:40:28 -0500

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From: Paul Robinson <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc
Date: 23 Dec 2004 21:40:28 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 04-09-012
Keywords: Basic, translator
Posted-Date: 23 Dec 2004 21:40:28 EST

Jonathan Neve wrote:

> I'm wondering what would be involved in making a Delphi to bytecode
> compiler... Does anyone have any experience writing compilers, that
> could give me some advice?
> The reason I think this would be useful, is that it would broaden the
> scope of the Java platform, enabling many languages to be used (just
> like .NET). There are already several langages (e.g. Java, Jython,
> Groovy, and perhaps others), but it would be nice to have a language as
> close as possible to Delphi syntax that could likewise compile into
> bytecode. This would greatly facilitate converting projects from Delphi
> to Java.

I posted the following message (in part) back in January of 2002 to
the Free Pascal Compiler mailing list, which may be read at the
following URL (note that the original URL for Component Pascal as I
posted in that message is no longer valid):

Here is the pertinent part:

'The Queensland University of Technology has also released a free Pascal
Compiler with source called "Component Pascal" that has two operating
modes: one in connection with the Java Virtual Machine and the other one
in connection with Microsoft's .NET initiative / vaporware / scheme /
ideal / racket (take your pick).

'Here is the URL for the ZIPs and GZIPped tarballs of
(URL DELETED) Component Pascal.'

The original URL no longer works. The corrected URL is as follows:

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