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Sander Vesik <>
15 May 2003 11:36:19 -0400

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From: Sander Vesik <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 May 2003 11:36:19 -0400
Organization: ERA/EKI FO
References: 03-04-059 03-04-073 03-04-107 03-05-038
Keywords: C, Java
Posted-Date: 15 May 2003 11:36:19 EDT

>>> As there are certain constructs in C# (local objects stored on
>>> stack, listeners as integrated part of the language, etc.) that are
>>> not supported by the JVM, I would say this is impossible.
>> By the same approach, having scheme run on jvm (no call/cc or
>> similar, etc) should be impossible aswell, no? One can for example
>> always emulate the presence of a stack, and merely put objects that
>> need to be removed when stack unwinds on it.
> It's been done, not just for Scheme, but for many other languages, too
> (see <>). I cannot
> vouch for the quality or usability of the various code generators
> produced by all these projects, but the sheer number suggests it's
> pretty feasible for a wide variety of languages.

Yes, I know - as there is in fact several implementations of scheme that
run on JVM, I was bringing it up as a counterpoint to his claims, as scheme
is also a 'very much not java' language, really even more so than C#.

> There's an obvious motivation to do this: The extensive work that goes
> into improving the performance of the JVM and its portability gives a
> considerable advantage to the compiler writer.
> Google for "Scheme JVM" and you'll get plenty of hits, including the
> page I referenced above.

I know. I use one of them (SISC) almost every day.


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