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All messages posted on the comp.compilers newsgroup are available in this archive. The message indexes are updated each night.

There are two kinds of search available:

  • By subject: search for specified words and names in the Subject lines of articles. (faster)
  • Full text: search for specified words and names anywhere in the articles. (slower)

To search, select the desired options and date range, enter the search terms, and click Search for words.

You can search for individual words or for phrases. Enclose the words in a phrase in "double quotes" to indicate that they're a phrase. You can also use an asterisk at the end of a word as a wild card, for example telep* would match telephone, telepathic, teleportation, and any other word that starts with "telep".

The search does slightly "fuzzy" matching. It will match the plural form of a search word. A list of about 100 very common words aren't indexed at all and are ignored in searches.

Results are reported in groups of 20. If there are more than 25 matches to a request, there will be buttons at the top and bottom of the list of matches to view the previous and following groups.

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