[Announcement] PAISLEI 2.0/LPM 3.0 Now in Open Beta

"Quinn Tyler Jackson" <qjackson@wave.home.com>
23 Nov 1999 13:03:32 -0500

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[Announcement] PAISLEI 2.0/LPM 3.0 Now in Open Beta qjackson@wave.home.com (Quinn Tyler Jackson) (1999-11-23)
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From: "Quinn Tyler Jackson" <qjackson@wave.home.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Nov 1999 13:03:32 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: parse, tools, available

[This is a one time announcement. -qtj.]

After one year of battle-testing, version 2.0 of PAISLEI, my freeware
grammar development/pattern matching system for Win32 systems is now
in open beta at:


At this point, all that remains to be done is to update/complete the
documentation and catch and fix the most obvious defects. User
feedback on which areas of the documentation need enhancement are

PAISLEI allows you to graphically design and debug predicated
recursive descent LL(k) grammars, and when you are satisfied that your
grammar is behaving properly against test files, to generate a
cross-platform compatible C++ class that represents your grammar.
Since PAISLEI uses the same classes and methods internally, your
grammars are guaranteed to accept the same languages as those you used
during grammar development.

New to version 2.0 are:

        * improved profiling
                - determine how many times each pattern of the grammar matches/fails
to match

        * more example grammars
                - palindrome grammar
                - parse the infamous "fruit flies like a banana/time flies like an
arrow" with no code required
                - several scanning grammars

        * new parsing features
                - permutation phrases (q.v. Robert Cameron)
                - more built-in macros
                - write scanning as well as accepting grammars

        * semantic error checking of grammars
                - catch left recursion, illegal lambda derivations, and other errors
during grammar compilation

        * sugar
                - color syntax highlighting in both pattern and C++ editors
                - casts now shown on the parse tree

Quinn Tyler Jackson

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