Re: yacc error handling

"Ajay Kalhan" <>
21 Nov 1999 23:27:02 -0500

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From: "Ajay Kalhan" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Nov 1999 23:27:02 -0500
Organization: Microsoft Corp.
References: 99-11-117
Keywords: yacc, errors

(I can see I am extending the original question here)

What if besides memory I wanted to invoke destructors of created objects?

Is there any way to gain control of yacc stack unwinding on error?

thank you.

"Ajay Kalhan" <> wrote
> Objective is to cleanup memory allocations on parse errors. One
> solution - Supplement rules with error rules in whose actions one can
> do cleanup. Another solution - thread all allocated memory off a
> global structure that can be destroyed at end of parsing.

> [I thread the allocated memory, it's more robust since it doesn't depend
> on writing perfectly correct error rules. -John]

[Same answer. If you want to call destrictors, stick function
pointers in with your thread info. -John]

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