Tail call hacks with gcc

Daniel Wang <danwang@vista.CS.Princeton.EDU>
19 Nov 1999 22:33:37 -0500

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From: Daniel Wang <danwang@vista.CS.Princeton.EDU>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Nov 1999 22:33:37 -0500
Organization: Princeton University
Keywords: GCC, code, optimize, question

I'm using gcc as a backend, for a higher level language, and I really
like a clean hack to get proper tail recusion to work. I'm aware of
various "trampolining" tricks to get this to work, but I'd like to
have something that doesn't hit performance too much.

I'm willing to play games with inline assembly (x86) and other gcc
specific tricks, but a portable machine independent hack would be
nicer. I'll summarize and put up a webpage if there's enough

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