compiler or interpreter for basic comp architecture

"Henrique Seganfredo" <>
28 Oct 1999 02:06:23 -0400

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From: "Henrique Seganfredo" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Oct 1999 02:06:23 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: question, design

Hi folks, I am A CS student from Brazil and although I am not yet on
the semester that we have a class on compilers, I am somewhat
interested in how I can implement a interpreter or compiler for a
small 8, 16 bit or even a 32 bit cpu...

....this is because I have some projects going on the computer
architecture area, and I would like to go beyond developing the ASM
opcodes for my computers.....I think would be nice to carry them with
a simple pseudo C compiler or interpreter (like the oldie 8 bit
computers with their BASIC interpreters that were the OS, GUI and dev
tool for the user...)...

....the problem is that I have no idea on the minimum archictecture
that my system should have (# of registers, stacks, etc....) to easier
the task of doing or porting a compiler or interpreter to it....this
way I could modify my existing microprocessor projects to acquire a
nice cpu core for a possible high level approach to it....

please somebody discuss, brag about or just point some web page with
related projects or that have material on the subject... thanks for
now, :-)
Henrique Seganfredo (Segao) & & ICQ #340812

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