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28 Oct 1999 01:57:07 -0400

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From: (John McEnerney)
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Date: 28 Oct 1999 01:57:07 -0400
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"Vikram.V.Asrani" <> wrote:

> I am planning to do my compiler project on Partial Redundancy
> Elimination. I have only a brief idea on what this topic covers and
> am trying to get more information on this topic. I believe that there
> are a couple of algorithms, one of which is a standard one but is more
> restrictive. I am searching information about the other algorithm
> which I believe is called PRE.

The initial paper is by Morel & Renvoise. The later revision is called
Lazy Code Motion by Knoop, Ruthing, & Steffen. The "standard"
algorithm these days is the improvement to the KRS approach by
Dreschler & Stadel.

The D&S paper can be found in SIGPLAN notices 28:5 May 1993.

There's also a good summary of this approach in Morgan's text, and an
interesting variation that combines PRE with Global Value Numbering in
L. Taylor Simpson's PhD thesis, titled "Value-Driven Redundancy

Also, Preston Briggs did a nice summary of PRE. You can find the
Briggs and Simpson stuff if you poke around at looking
for the Massively Scalar Compiler Project. There's a page where all of
the papers are available in postscript form.

John McEnerney (

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