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New Book- LINKERS AND LOADERS (1999-10-28)
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[ Yes, this is my new book. It's the publisher's blurb -John]

by John Levine
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, October 1999, ISBN: 1-55860-496-0

  I enjoyed reading this useful overview of the techniques and
  challenges of implementing linkers and loaders. While most of the
  examples are focused on three computer architectures that are widely
  used today, there are also many side comments about interesting and
  quirky computer architectures of the past. I can tell from these war
  stories that the author really has been there himself and survived to
  tell the tale. -- Guy Steele

Whatever your programming language, whatever your platform, you
probably tap into linker and loader functions all the time. But do you
know how to use them to their greatest possible advantage? Only now,
with the publication of Linkers & Loaders, is there an authoritative
book devoted entirely to these deep-seated compile-time and run-time

The book begins with a detailed and comparative account of linking and
loading that illustrates the differences among various compilers and
operating systems. On top of this foundation, the author presents
clear practical advice to help you create faster, cleaner
code. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls associated with Windows
DLLs, take advantage of the space-saving, performance-improving
techniques supported by many modern linkers, make the best use of the
UNIX ELF library scheme, and much more. If you're serious about
programming, you'll devour this unique guide to one of the
field's least understood topics. Linkers & Loaders is also an
ideal supplementary text for compiler and operating systems courses.

- Includes a linker construction project written in Perl, with project
files available for download.
- Covers dynamic linking in Windows, UNIX, Linux, BeOS, and other
operating systems.
- Explains the Java linking model and how it figures in network applets
and extensible Java code.
- Helps you write more elegant and effective code, and build
applications that compile, load, and run more efficiently.

Linking and Loading -- Architectural Issues -- Object Files -- Storage
Allocation -- Symbol Management -- Libraries -- Relocation -- Loading
and Overlays -- Shared Libraries -- Dynamic Linking and Loading --
Advanced Techniques


Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
San Francisco, California
[You can buy it from the usual on-line stores. I'll be selling it direct
if I can ever arrange for them to ship me some copies to sell. -John]

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