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Vadim Maslov <>
16 Oct 1999 02:04:17 -0400

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From: Vadim Maslov <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Oct 1999 02:04:17 -0400
Organization: RoadRunner - MGFairfax
References: 99-10-036
Keywords: translator wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'd appreciate any pointers/references on the subject of generating
> human readable source from an AST. I've looked at some of the source
> code pretty printers which are floating around but all of them seem
> are relatively simple and are based on lexical analysis. I realize
> that "human readable" is a subjective term and that for any particular
> language people will have preferences regarding indentation, line
> splitting etc.

We have a general operation-table-driven PrettyPrinter in
CobolTransformer It takes the Program Tree
(what you call AST) and turns it back into a beautified program and
most of its intelligence is contained in code generation table (it's
like K&R code generation table on steroids).

Every operation on a tree has a code generation string that specifies
the code layout for the operation. We can do indentation, printing at
fixed positions, printing a list of items starting at the same column.

The approach that we use is language-independent (CodeTransformer),
but so far it was only applied to Cobol (probably because C/C++ is
less likely to be in need of en masse automated conversion).

Vadim Maslov

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