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Robert Bowdidge <>
14 Oct 1999 01:24:28 -0400

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From: Robert Bowdidge <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 14 Oct 1999 01:24:28 -0400
Organization: Apple Computer, Inc.
References: 99-10-064
Keywords: C++, parse

> So, does anyone know a commercial C++ parser front end apart from EDG,
> or has anyone worked on John Lilley's PCCTS-based C++ parser?

IBM's VisualAge for C++ 4.0 compiler provides an API for requesting
information about declarations, generating parse trees, adding
optimization phases, and affecting preprocessor behavior. You can ask
the compiler to generate a parse tree for any function on the fly, and
can ask for the parse tree after parsing, type analysis, or
optimization has been performed. These APIs were intended to support
the compiler's function-level incremental recompilation and for
populating the Smalltalk-like views. It was also intended to be used
for toolwriting.

Last I heard (I left IBM Research in May), the API was going to go
public in version 5. I've listed some of the papers describing either
the environment or tools on the environment. Check out the paper on
the compiler in the 1998 ACM SIGSOFT Foundations of Software
Engineering conference, then send mail to Michael Karasick, the main
author of the paper, asking for information about when the APIs may be
made public. Also, check out the IBM Software web page for more
information on the compiler:

Hope this helps,


Karasick, M. (1998). The Architecture of {Montana}: An Open and
Extensible Programming Environment with an Incremental {C++} Compiler. In
Sixth International Symposium on the Foundations of Software
Engineering, (pp. 131-142). Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Hamilton, J. (1997). Montana Smart Pointers: They're Smart, and They're
Pointers. In Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems,
(pp. 21-39). USENIX Association.

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Dobb's Journal, p. 92-96.

Soroker, D.,Karasick, M.,Barton, J., & Streeter, D. (1997). Extension
Mechanisms in Montana. In 8th Israeli Conference on Computer Systems and
Software (ICSS97), .

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