[code generation] for parallel compiler

"Chango Cho" <compusm@chollian.net>
11 Oct 1999 02:34:44 -0400

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[code generation] for parallel compiler compusm@chollian.net (Chango Cho) (1999-10-11)
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From: "Chango Cho" <compusm@chollian.net>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Oct 1999 02:34:44 -0400
Organization: Shinbiro, HIT(Hyundai Informatin Technology Co., Ltd.)
Keywords: Java, parallel, question

            I am studying the parallelizing of JVM and Java Compiler.
            I think that In generating codes for parallel machine , I need to
            consider the generation phase for codes to be necessary to

            I am searching whether the codes only used to enhance the
            parallelism can exist. the codes are not necessary to be
            native codes.

            Do 'Helper'(so-called) codes for parallelism exists?
            How can I generate those codes in compiler phase , if those
            codes would exist?

            Chango Cho

            Programming Language Lab.
            Department of Computer Engineering
            University of Dongguk

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