An OO extension for the typeless language T3X

Nils M Holm <>
6 Oct 1999 02:08:10 -0400

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An OO extension for the typeless language T3X (Nils M Holm) (1999-10-06)
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From: Nils M Holm <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Oct 1999 02:08:10 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: available

T3X is a simple, portable, typeless language targetted at a virtual
machine, the Tcode machine. Some native code translators
(Tcode->{TASM-8086, GAS-386, S86, inefficient C}) exist. Details
(compiler, user manual, reference, etc) can be found on my home page.

Currently, the integration of a simplified object system into the
language is in progress. The primary goal is to create an extension
for supporting separate compilation in a clean and simple way.
Compatibility with current T3X versions will be provided as far as

The object oriented extension will be limited to the concept of classes,
objects, and messages using strict encapsulation, simple inheritance, and
static binding. Additionally, dependencies between otherwise
unrelated classes and between modules and classes will be allowed.

A preliminary document describing the T3X object system in detail can
be found on my home page in the T3X section (see my signature for the

The new compiler (release 6) providing the OO extensions is currently
under development and will be made available on my home page as soon
as it has reached a usable state.

Nils M Holm <> [Please use Reply-To:] -- The home of the T3X compiler

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