Call By Need

"Leo" <>
4 Oct 1999 12:17:25 -0400

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From: "Leo" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Oct 1999 12:17:25 -0400
Organization: Peking University,Beijing,China
Keywords: practice, functional, comment


What is 'Call By Need'? And I'd appreciate if anybody can point to me
some resources that I can learn this topic.

please 'cc' if possible. thanks,

Lin Gu
Computer Science Dept., Peking University
Web Home:
BP: 010-68478800 X (Shanghai user)161996
                  021-95950 X 161996
[Call by need is halfway between call by name and call by value. The
first time a procedure references a call by need parameter, it evaluates
the parameter and remembers the result, and uses that result for any
subsequent references in the procedure. So if the parameter is never used
at all, it's like call by name in that it's never evaluated, but if it is
used, it's like call by value in that it's evaluated once. -John]

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